Pernille Hermann

Pernille Hermann

My research interests are within the field of literary and cultural studies and related to questions about the rise and development of Old Norse-Icelandic literature and to the status of the medieval texts as history, fiction and myth. My research and writing also address Nordic and European medieval historiography and theoretical issues related to them. Currently, I am working on the questions of how memory processes are relevant to our understanding of the medieval narratives of the viking age and of how memory and literature are connected.

I have taught a variety of courses, mainly in the Scandinavian Institute of Aarhus University, about, e.g., Old Norse literature and mythology, and have recently developed several new programs for international students within the interdisciplinary field of Old Norse and viking studies at Aarhus University. I have been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, working on a book project on Memory Studies and Old Norse literature.

I have been the editor of a number of anthologies (e.g., Minni and Muninn. Memory in Medieval Nordic Culture; Memory and Remembering: Past Awareness in the Medieval North; Reflections on Old Norse MythsOld Norse Mythology — Comparative Perspectives), and am the author of a monograph on ‘writing and history’ in the 12th century, as well as numerous articles on Memory Studies and Old Norse. I recently co-edited (with Jürg Glauser, Zürich and Basel, and Steve Mitchell, Harvard), a 1000-page Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches (DeGruyter 2018).

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Associate Professor of Scandinavian


Aarhus University, Denmark

Research areas: 

Old Norse literature; medieval historiography; the Danish rhymed chronicle; textual representation and genre; orality and literacy; cultural memory; literature and memory

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