Profile photo of Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett

Senior Director for Research Computing
Harvard Medical School

Profile photo of Paul DiBello

Paul DiBello

Senior Director, Research Computing Services
Harvard Business School

Profile photo of Ardys Kozbial

Ardys Kozbial

Assistant University Librarian for Content Strategies and
Associate Librarian for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Harvard Library

Profile photo of Stu Snydman

Stuart Snydman

Associate University Librarian and Managing Director
Library Technology Services
Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT)

Profile photo of Krista Valladares

Krista Valladares

Manager for Research Computing and Data
Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT)

Profile photo of Len Wisniewski

Len Wisniewski

Director of Engineering
The Institute for Quantitative Social Science

Profile photo of Scott Yockel

Scott Yockel

University Research Computing Officer
Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT)

Director of Research Computing
Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences

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